3 Ways To Standout At A Barcamp

Barcamps are networking forums bringing people together for a day of learning, sharing, networking and mentoring. It takes place in all regional capitals in Ghana littered across the year [Check out Barcamp Sunyani and Barcamp Accra that happened on November 25 and December 2017, respectively].


Barcamps are great opportunities to pitch ideas, get internships or career opportunity from prospective employers because Barcamp mentors are chosen from diverse backgrounds of professions. Though it is quite easy to fit in and enjoy the networking. These few tips can help you stand out and possibly land an opportunity:


Speed Mentoring: Barcamp speed mentoring sessions are your five-minute one-on-one opportunity with a mentor. Speed mentors are professionals from different backgrounds or entrepreneurs making an impact in your city. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the mentor, how he or she made it to their chosen field and tips to help you get started. A great tip before you see a mentor is to know their area of expertise to dot down a few really great questions you would love answered by the mentor.


First Impressions: First impressions count in every human encounter. This is not different at Barcamps; this is an opportunity for you to share you knowledge and skill and contribute to discussions on the table. Easy ways to make great first impressions are Barcamps include: a good handshake, good insights and thoughts on issues, great composure, agreeing to disagree during times of different sentiments.

Active Networking: Most people wait to be asked questions before they get involved in discussions but a key way to standout at a Barcamp is to actively network with other. Speak to at least three new people you don’t know, get to know what they do and equally share the passion you are engaged in. Barcamp discussions are simultaneously online and offline, make sure your voice is heard on both streams.

We hope to see you standing out at the next Barcamp supported by AirtelTigo Ghana.

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