4 Benefits Of The Barcamp Ghana Programme Through Tigo Ghana’s Support

The Barcamp Ghana program has been run across Ghana over the years with a vision of creating network of young changemakers and doers.

In the past two years, Tigo Ghana has been a firm believer in this vision and has supported the programme to reach more people and impact new generation.

 Barcamp Ghana

Here are four ways you have benefited from Tigo Ghana`s support of the Barcamp programme.


-       Network: Your network is your net-worth. This quote sums up the importance of having a good network. The Barcamp programme brings together young professionals, entrepreneurs, students and career executives to engage in conversations about Ghana’s development as well as provide wisdom nuggets on how to achieve personal and career goals.

-       Education: Every Barcamp presents a new perspective on different subjects discussed. These platforms present opportunities for experts at Barcamps to educate and inform participants on happenings in that sector.

-       Counseling: Considering the wealth of knowledge Barcamp Mentors bring to the event, most participants leave the event having their minds clearer on their career puzzle and more confident in solutions to pursue.

-       Opportunities: Attending a Barcamp presents you an opportunity to meet your new business partner or employer, or work buddy; the onus is on how you make those relationships happen.


Thank you Tigo Ghana for supporting the future of Ghana.


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