5 Reasons Why You Should Attend BarCamp Ghana Forums

Motivational Conferences nationwide have done great by inspiring young people to aspire for greater heights in life. Unfortunately, this effect diminishes as days go by. The effect seeks to create a sudden revolution instead of small changes in their lives.

Gamele, mentoring a mentee during Barcamp Tema 2015

Gamele, mentoring a mentee during Barcamp Tema 2015

BarCamps are different from the usual conferences organized. BarCamps are user generated discussion forums organized to discuss issues about the youth and nation development.
Below are five major benefits of attending BarCamps.

  • Networking : Most networking events and conferences in Ghana have a lecture-like program outline where, speakers give their presentations and answer questions from participants. At BarCamps, networking is part of the event. You would have made at least two new friends by the end of a BarCamp. Networking is encouraged to foster existing relationships and build new ones.
  • Opportunity to market your start up : BarCamps are good platforms for Social Entrepreneurs and Start ups to  market their ideas. At BarCamps, there are Breakout Sessions to engage participants in group discussion. Breakout Sessions are group discussion ( minimum of 5 people) led by one participant to discuss a topic of mutual interest. Participants can use this platform to market their start ups or social enterprises.
  • Share ideas on National Development : BarCamps are based on themes on various subjects including entrepreneurship, personal development, National development among others. Participants share their ideas about nation development, their perspective about things happening in the country.
  • Learn a New Skill : I have known participants who have developed skills in Marketing, Online Community Management, Program planning, etc, through BarCamps.  Do you want to learn a new skill? Attend a BarCamp.
  • Join a BarCamp Local Team : A lot of work goes into planning and executing BarCamp events. This is also an opportunity for a participant to join a local team to take up tasks to contribute to organizing a BarCamp and developing themselves in different areas; Logistics Management, Marketing, Online Publicity, Project Leads, etc.
  • Participants sharing her ideas during Barcamp Voices 2015.

    Participants sharing her ideas during Barcamp Voices 2015.

    At the end of every BarCamp we sing the National Youth Anthem, ‘Yen Ara Ya Asase ni’.


    Yen Ara Asase Ni

    Yen ara asase ni
    Eye abooden de ma yen

    Mogya a Nananom hwie gu

    Nya de to ho ma yen

    Adu me ne wo nso so

    Se ye be ye bi atoaso

    Nimdee ntraso nkotokrane

    Ne apese-minko-minya

    Ato yen bra mo dem

    Na ye ‘sase ho do atom se

    Oman no se eve ye yie oo

    Oman no se ennye yie oo

    Eye se na ose

    Omanfo bra ne ekyerei le

    No le eji sane ko

    Ni ka eman bii ano

    Wo Dientse Wo Shikpon Ne

    Wodientse wo shikpon ne

    Ni ej’ ra wa ha wofee

    Wo tsemei shwie la shi

    Dani ame ke he ha wo

    Eji mi ke bo gbenaa

    ‘Ke wo hu wofee he eko

    Ja nilee ke hesuomo pe aaanye

    Wo shikpon le akpo

    Nye baa ni nye haa woman le

    He suomo ahi wo mli


    Ke ji ake man ko aaahi le

    Ke ji ake man ko ehii


    Miade Nyigba Lolo La

    Miade nyigba lolo la, enu wonye woafo asia,

    Mia togbuiwo tso wofe agbe gbledeta xoe nami,

    Edo nye kpliwo ha dzi be miawo miato sinu

    Nuvevie nyanya, didodo kple amedokui to didi

    Gble mia zoli hegble miade nyigba ale gbegbe.

    Denyigba wo nyonyo, denyigba wo gbegble

    Alesi nele ko sigbe ko woano daa.

    We sing encourage patriotism among the youth. Now whenever you hear of any BarCamp close to you, endeavor to attend. You won’t regret it. See you there!! ;)

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    This is post was written by Rachel Hormeku, marketing lead for the Barcamp Ghana team.

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