Barcamp Takoradi: Arts and Entertainment Goes Beyond Creativity

The arts and entertainment industry in Ghana and the world over has become an attractive venture for young creative minds seeking to make their mark.

In Africa, the industry has been identified as a significant contributor to the economic development and social progression of the continent and a creator of employment to its teeming unemployed youth.

However, Tigo Ghana’s Consumer Understanding Manager, Kwabena Budu believes being a creative alone is not enough to sustain one’s craft over the long-term.

“Being in the entertainment field transcends creativity. You must adopt the qualities of entrepreneurs to be relevant always in what you do and ultimately meet people’s expectation, otherwise you risk losing your customers,” he said.

Mr. Budu made this known when he addressed participants at the 59th Barcamp which took place in Takoradi under the theme “Professionalism in entertainment and entrepreneurship.”

In his address, Mr. Budu pointed out that in today’s competitive world where businesses are rigorously competing for attention and recognition; professionalism is the distinguishing factor used by consumers.

Mr. Budu said professionalism is not the sole preserve of corporates but anyone who offers goods and services to the public must strive to be professional in their dealings by being time conscious, responding to consumer needs with a sense of urgency, being honest and truthful, among others.

He advised participants to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge because yesterday’s knowledge will not be sufficient for solving tomorrow’s problems. “Learn to keep pace with your customers, else you’ll lose them,” he cautioned.

Speed mentoring sessions were also held for mentors to coach participants on being a good professional.

Barcamp is organized by the GhanaThink Foundation and it seeks to build a network of young change-makers and entrepreneurs through a series of forums held across the country. It also assembles stakeholders to build a supportive community and give birth to lasting professional partnerships.

The underlying theme for this year’s Barcamp series is “professionalism” and it is aimed at helping young professionals and graduates to attach professional standards to in their careers and businesses.