Barcamp Tema logistics

Expecting you at Barcamp Tema 2013. If you still haven’t registered, please do via this Eventbrite link.
The sweetener is, you are able to choose your FREE lunch option.

What to bring
Let’s save the environment, let’s make Ghana more green. :-)
Bring your registration ticket, but just show us the email you’ve gotten on your phone or something else to indicate your registration. Save paper!
Bring your internet enabled device.
Bring your business cards.
Bring your enthusiasm, ideas and networking ability.
Bring 5GhC if you want the Barcamp Tema 2013 Tshirt.

Directions to Venue “Rotary Club House”
Driving directions if coming from Ashaiman, community 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 4:
Upon arrival at the community 5 traffic light move straight towards the WAEC / Temasco road.
On your way you will find a famous restaurant by the name Golden Bowl Chopsticks.
The venue is adjacent or just beside this restaurant.

Public transport  if coming from outside Tema:  
Kindly get to Tema community 1.
Please tell the mate you will alight at the Tema Community Center popularly known as “Center”.
When you alight ask of the community five station close to the Shell Filling Station.
Ask of a car that will use the Golden Bowl Chopsticks road or ICGC Zoe Temple Road.
The venue is right next or adjacent to the Golden Bowl Chopsticks.

Here’s another set of directions a Barcamp Tema fan and Google Student Ambassador shared on Google+

Board a bus from any where – #circle, #Temastation etc to #Tema community 1(is less than gh 2)… then ask the mate for direction to #CENTER ( near standard charted bank), there is a taxi station (community 5 station) near it (by a filling station)…Tell the taxi driver you are going to #Rotary club (C5), they will tell which taxi to board (is less than gh1)… (Note: tell them you don’t know there ooo)therefore, i believe gh6 should can take you from any station in #Accra to Rotary Club in Tema(Community 5) and back.. but #budget for inconveniences as well…

Or simply use the #Ashaiman #interchange into #Tema.. drive straight, you meet a #Round-about, drive straight, along your way you see Tema General Hospital, it means you are on the right path. After the Hospital you must continue driving straight till you get to your third traffic light (to be sure you are at the 3rd #traffic light, ask any one if that is #community 5 traffic ) …it means you are 2 mins drive to the #Rotary Club (c5)…continue the straight drive but slow, you will see a #Mosque – #Al-Ahmadiya-School, close to it is #RotaryClub – the sign board will indicate that.. :)

so you see, i cud have simply said from #Ashaiman-interchange from the #motorway, drive straight into tema till you get to 5 traffic and you see a sign board of Rotary Club :)

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