Barcamp Ghana

Barcamp Bolga 2017

  • 5th April 2017

Barcamp Bolga 2017 is a free networking forum to bring people together for a day of learning, sharing, networking and mentoring. It takes place on April 8, 2017 in Bolgatanga. The theme for this year is “Accelerating development through professionalism and competence”. The GhanaThink Foundation has successfully organized 70 BarCamps in Ghana as part of…

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Barcamp Takoradi: Arts and Entertainment Goes Beyond Creativity

  • 10th September 2016

The arts and entertainment industry in Ghana and the world over has become an attractive venture for young creative minds seeking to make their mark. In Africa, the industry has been identified as a significant contributor to the economic development and social progression of the continent and a creator of…

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Tigo Provides Shelter for Education for Future Leaders

  • 2nd September 2016

Most school buildings in rural areas in Ghana are dilapidated which puts the lives of both teachers and pupils in danger. The teachers of these schools also endure the harsh weather conditions and poor learning environments to provide education for these future leaders. Most children in these communities are demoralized…

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BarCamp Tamale 2016: Empowering the Youth for a Productive Nation

BarCamp Tamale 2016: Empowering the Youth for a Productive Nation

  • 10th July 2016

Barcamp Tamale 2016 is a free networking forum bringing people together for a day of learning, sharing, networking and mentoring. It happens on July 30th at the GNAT Hall in Tamale. The theme is ”Empowering the youth for a productive nation”. It is organized by the GhanaThink Foundation as part of its Barcamp Ghana program as it builds a network of young change…

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6 Barcampers in Ghana Selected for 2015 YALI Fellowship

  • 10th August 2015

The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, begun in 2014, is the flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) that empowers young people through academic coursework, leadership training, and networking. The Fellowship provides 500 outstanding young leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa with the opportunity to hone their…

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