Communities run by GhanaThink Foundation


The GhanaThink Foundation is a social enterprise that mobilizes and organizes talent for the primary benefit of Ghana. Our flagship program, Barcamp Ghana, is building a network of changemakers, doers and entrepreneurs. Since December 2008, we have organized 69 Barcamps – free networking forums – in Ghana, impacting over 10000 participants. A BarCamp is a user-generated conference (or unconference). It is an open, participatory workshop-event, whose content is provided by participants. They bring together for an event of learning, sharing, networking and mentoring. They happen on Saturdays and participation is about 100-400 based on location.
GhanaThink has created a number of communities that it is supporting. These are communities supporting doers, entrepreneurs, change makers who are based or are interested in various areas in Ghana. They stem from the various Barcamps that GhanaThink has organized through the Barcamp Ghana program.
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These communities are for members to network, share information and opportunities and also discuss various issues. They are Google and Whatsapp groups. There is also a more national community on Facebook which people can join here - Barcamp Ghana group.

Join the various communities through these links.
#bcaccra - Barcamp Accra 
#bctema - Barcamp Tema
#bckasoa - Barcamp Kasoa
#bcho - Barcamp Ho 
#bcksi - Barcamp Kumasi
#bcsyi - Barcamp Sunyani
#bccapecoast - Barcamp Cape Coast 
#bctamale - Barcamp Tamale
#bcbolga - Barcamp Bolga 
#bcwa - Barcamp Wa