Equity of Trust Essential for Improving Productivity – Tigo Barcamp 2016


The country’s digital lifestyle brand, Tigo, has urged young entrepreneurs and graduates to establish trust in their profession in order to boost productivity.

Speaking under theme: “Enhancing Productivity through Professionalism” at the 59th Barcamp in Tema, the Head of Customer Value Management for Tigo Ghana, Benedict Sumah said people can be qualified as professionals when they meet the expectations of their customers, exhibit good judgment in business operations and customer service delivery, and build a solid reputation through repeated quality service.

“A good business reputation builds the equity of trust, which in turn guarantees more business opportunities, thereby increasing productivity,” he said.

In today’s interconnected world, business organizations need to understand the importance of ensuring that all employees operate at the same level of professionalism to sustain high levels of productivity.

“One employee’s output is another’s input. If one person fails to maintain high levels of professionalism and therefore cannot be trusted to deliver output as expected, if affects the entire business’ output,” he explained.

Touching on the various stages of professionalism, Mr. Sumah outlined knowing, doing, learning and helping as key in ensuring high productivity in every organization.

He also advised the youth to be watchful of the little things that bring professionals down, tasking them to take personal responsibility for their mistakes and offer alternatives to problems in every situation.

“As next generation leaders, you must develop skills that solve societal problems and dream about how to make an impact in every organization.”

Apart from the panel discussion on the theme, speed mentoring sessions were also held for mentors to coach participants on building ideas and initiatives.

Barcamp is organised by the GhanaThink Foundation seeks to build a network of young change-makers and entrepreneurs through a series of forums held across the country. It also aims to assemble stakeholders to build a supportive community and give birth to lasting professional partnerships.

Article written by; Michael Bruce, Tigo Ghana