The Tigo Ghana Product Your Younger Family Relatives Will Benefit From

Education is an important infrastructure in the development of every country. Books are inherently an important feature of education. It is estimated that thousands of children in rural Ghana have little or no access to textbooks or literature books to study to enhance their education.


Tigo Ghana has been championing the change in this sector of Ghana`s education through “E-Library on Wheels“. Since its inception, children in communities like Damang, Duayeden, Onoka, Kwesitenten, Adjeikrom, Ahwerase, Kwasi Nyarko and Obeng Yaw, Sapeiman, Medie and Pokuase, who had never seen or touched an e-reader were exposed to digital devices. These children had access to thousands of textbooks and storybooks on one digital device.


The Tigo E-Library on Wheels has reached and benefited over 20,000 children in deprived communities across Ghana.


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